Focus on productivity

Cut-off valve

Dimensions: 305x3100x9494 mm (aberta)
Weight: 1800 kg


Dimensions: ø4187×392 mm
Weight: 4270 kg

Arm of hydraulic digger

Weight: 18000 kg

Magnetic Separator GHX1400

Dimensions: 9350x8800x3800 mm
Weight: 115000 kg

Frame structures

Iron Ore Hopper

Weight: 22000 kg

Retrofit of crusher shaft

Weight: 31000 kg

Ball Mill

Weight: 45000 kg

Swivel joint

Crusher case

Dimensions: 1955x4000x4000 mm
Weight: 34500 kg

Oven Cooling Distributors

Tanks and boxes

Weight: 203000 kg