Steel Industry

Technical and professional efficiency

Tank for cooling of sands

Dimensions: 1180x3250x5750 mm
Weight: 9260 kg

Suport for pinch

Dimensions: 1250x1670x3850 mm
Weight: 3800 kg

Arm for rolling mill machine

Dimensions: 620x890x9640 mm
Weight: 12810 kg

Table for rolling mill machine

Dimensions: 2130x2225x12055 mm
Weight: 44100 kg

Housing for Reducter for Plates Lamination

Dimensions: 2600x1600x1950 mm
Weight: 24000 kg

Rollers frame

Dimensions: 6000×2500 mm

Retrofit of Roller guides for laminator

Ladles for molten metal

Hydraulic claw

Weight: 9200 kg

Special overhead crane

Weight: 20000 kg