Sofir of Brazil

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Sofir of Brazil since 2004 in the Brazilian market to meet the demands of manufacturing, assembly and recovery of mechanical and hydraulic presses. The company stands out for its superior quality, captionclients of international importance.

In its infrastructure, the Sofir of Brazil hás na area of 18.000 m2, in which 7.000 m2 are occupied by an industrial complex with capacity manufacturing of 250 tons / mouth, equipped with overhead cranes up tp 60 tons and covered by medium and large equipments – boning machines, turning machines, milling machines, welding machines, drilling machines, lifting equipment, 3D control machine.

Serving the sectors automotive, railway, mining , naval, oil and gás and iron metallurgy, the Sofir of Brasil has professional and technologies high level to manufacture equipment tailored, according to customer´s design. In addition, it has engineering to develop its own projects and / or to complement clients projects.

Focus on quality, productivity and commitment to serve the most demanding markets: thus Sofir creates solutions that anticipate the needs of its customers.

Socio Environmental Responsibility

The concern with the environment is present in our daily lives. The recycled materials are stored in appropriate places and stored in a segregated and identified area to be subsequently disposed of correctly through licensed companies for the correct treatment of waste. These companies have environmental licenses and provide us, in addition to NF, the certificate of correct disposal of industrial waste.

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Summary Environmental License Certificate


The Sofir of Brazil aims to ensure the well-being of emplouees so full, so the company performs a ateady job of acculturation able to identify risks, prevent and eliminate incidents ans accidents that may involve both the human and the nature.

Sofir Quality

The Sofir os Brazil has its Quality Management System certified by ISO 9001:2015. This is the result of customer satisfaction, professional competence, compliance with legal requirements and the relentless pursuit of improvement in the quality of services provided.